WordPress Development Services

WordPress Development Services

WP Plugin Experts offers custom WordPress Development Services for all your website-related needs. Not only are our services affordable, but they are also highly efficient in delivering the desired outcomes.

We can help design and create excellent websites along with services like Theme and Plugin Development, WordPress Migration, WooCommerce Development, API Development, and Integration, WordPress SEO, Website Performance Optimization, etc. That’s why WP Plugin Experts is a leading company in WordPress Development Services.

WordPress Development Services We Provide

When it comes to WordPress Website Development, we offer almost every service, from creating a new customized website to migrating one from a different CMS. We follow the highest standards and comply with industry practices to deliver projects on time.

Custom WordPress Development

We can design and develop a custom WordPress website to fulfill all your business requirements. Whether you are a blogger or run a popular business looking to diversify into eCommerce, we can help you with a custom website.

Theme Development & Customization

At WP Plugin Experts, our developers can help create customized themes if the basic templates aren’t enough for your needs. Our themes can help improve your website’s appearance and user experience.

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins offer a wide array of solutions for the website, from improving the UX/UI to adding more features and functionalities. We develop plugins that can help streamline the development and customization of your website.

WordPress Migration Services

At WP Plugin Experts, we offer fantastic migration services ensuring better performance and security for your website while establishing data integrity throughout the website. The migration can be of CMS, server, domain, etc.

WooCommerce Development

Whether you are a start-up, MSME, or MNC, an eCommerce website can help grow the business incredibly well. Our experts can help develop an eCommerce website through the WooCommerce plugin.

Bug Fixes & Maintenance

In case of any bugs or errors, you can contact WP Plugin Experts. Our developers are highly experienced at fixing bugs and errors. After thoroughly analyzing the website, we determine and fix the bugs and errors.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Optimum performance ensures an excellent user experience and UI. So our experts perform a comprehensive audit of the website to ensure every function of your website is working well and optimize it accordingly.

PSD to WordPress Conversion

At WP Plugin Experts, our developers are highly skilled and experienced at converting the PSD template to WordPress themes without having an impact on the security and performance of the website.

WordPress Consulting Services

At WP Plugin Experts, our developers are highly recognized for their skills in WordPress. So if you have any doubts about this content management system, you can opt for our WordPress Consulting Services.

API Development & Integration

API or Applications Programming Interface helps two or more applications to work together and exchange viable information with each other effortlessly. Our experts have the necessary skills for API development and integration.

WordPress CMS Development

Our WordPress CMS development services can help design and develop fantastic websites for businesses of any size or industry. But we can also help you create your own content management system.

WordPress SEO Services

SEO ensures an excellent UI/UX, and makes your website visible to more users and makes your website more trustworthy in the industry. Moreover, our WordPress SEO services will help your website rank higher on the SERPs.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Website Development

According to the current statistics, over 43% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, making it the most popular CMS available. So WordPress obviously offers some benefits, due to which businesses across the globe prefer it.

WordPress is Open-Source

WordPress is an open-source platform. So every day, experts are contributing to improving its features and offerings.

Variety of Themes & Plugins Available

The WordPress library contains a wide variety of themes and plugins that can help improve the looks and features of a website.

Regular Automatic Updates

WordPress is an open-source platform, and one of its most significant advantages is regular automatic updates.

Large Community Support

More than 43% of all websites on the internet run on WordPress. So as you would imagine, there is a massive community ready for support.

Customizable & Flexible

With its large array of free and premium themes and plugins, WordPress can help create highly flexible and customizable websites.

Easy Content Management

WordPress simplifies content management by assigning authors, editors, and administrators to every website.

Cost-Effective Solution

WordPress, as standard, is free of cost. But certain themes and plugins cost a bit. But overall, WordPress is a cost-effective CMS.

Stable & Innovative

WordPress stays up to date with the latest trends. So if your desires for the website change over time, you can easily change or upgrade the features and appearance.

Why Choose WP Plugin Experts For WordPress Development Services?

  • SEO-focused WordPress Web Development Solutions
  • A Team of Highly-Skilled and Experienced WordPress Developers
  • Clean and User-Friendly Websites
  • Comprehensive WordPress Solutions
  • An Industry Leader in White-Label WordPress Developers
  • Timely Delivery

Our WordPress Development Process

At WP Plugin Experts; a WordPress development company, we follow an analytical process to design and develop fantastic-looking, feature-rich websites.

Client’s Requirements Gathering

In the first step, we have a consultation with the client and gather the information, current site details and the client’s expectations and requirements.

Proposal & Onboarding

After analyzing the website and the client’s expectations and requirements, we draw up and present a proposal to the client for onboarding.


Then, our skilled and experienced developers get to work designing and developing the website according to the client’s requirements and expectations.


After the initial drafts of the website, the quality assurance team runs a comprehensive test throughout the website to see if every feature and function works well.

Client Demo

After the development and testing of the website, the project manager presents a demo of the website to the client to showcase its features and functions.

Exclusive WordPress Development Solutions for Startups & Enterprises

Whether you are a start-up or a large multinational corporation, WP Plugin Experts can help design and develop the best websites with excellent features and functions.

WordPress for


  • Instantaneous analytical solutions and support from skilled developers
  • Affordable web development plans as per the client’s requirements
  • Punctual consultation and delivery of the projects
  • Our team considers all the custom and unique requirements of our clients
WordPress for


  • Highly economical pricing models for start-ups and MSMEs
  • Comprehensive consultations with expert website developers
  • Flexible and punctual website maintenance and support
  • Custom-built tools and resources to ensure the best outcomes at affordable prices

Hire Our WordPress Development Team Now!

At WP Plugin Experts, our team comprises some of the best WordPress developers skilled and experienced at developing successful websites on time.

WordPress Plugins We’ve Developed

Our Team of expert WordPress Developers has created some excellent plugins to ensure your website has the best appearance and features and it reflects your business in spades.


Social Login Pro for WooCommerce

Social Login Pro WooCommerce plugin helps implement a smoother login experience in your WooCommerce-powered online store.


Jumble – Collection & Bookmark Plugin

Jumble is a WooCommerce / WordPress Wishlist plugin that lets the user save/share/recommend their collection or wishlist to their peers.


Dinero – Currency Converter Extension

Dinero is a WooCommerce currency conversion plugin that lets customers effortlessly convert product prices to the currency of their choice.


Product Image Watermark for WooCommerce

Product Image Watermark is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce websites that lets the users apply watermarks to their pages.

Popular Themes & Plugins Used By Our WordPress Developers

There are over 30K themes and 60K plugins in the WordPress library. But you can’t really use all of them for your website. Fortunately, at WP Plugin Experts, our developers have years of hands-on experience with the most popular WordPress Plugins and themes for WordPress website development.

Moreover, we design perfect and easy-to-use WordPress websites with the help of free and premium themes and plugins to comply with client’s requirements and expectations.

At our WordPress development company, the developers have also carefully designed and developed plugins to improve the looks and features of a website. These extensions have helped revamp the integral elements of a website (like a login page, currency converters, bookmarks, etc.).

Different Types Of WordPress Websites in Our Portfolio

Our team of developers have hands-on experience in designing and creating some of the best websites on the internet, regardless of the industrial domain.

Listing Websites
Real Estate Websites
Blogs & Forums
E-magazines & eNewspapers
Faith-based Websites
Hotels & Restaurants Websites
Entertainment Websites
Job & Recruitment Websites
eCommerce & eReservation Websites
Question & Answer Websites
Community Websites

Blogs Related to WordPress

At WP Plugin Experts, our specialists have created some blogs on WordPress to help you understand every aspect of this content management system and develop the best websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress can help you create a wide range of websites, including real-estate websites, blogs, forums, faith-based websites, eCommerce websites, jobs and recruitment websites, community websites, etc.

If you have a type of website in mind that you are unsure if it can be created through WordPress, get in touch with the experts at WP Plugin Experts.

WordPress has thousands of free and premium plugins and themes that can be used to improve the looks, features, and functionalities of the website. For example, one of the most common WordPress plugins is WooCommerce, which can help convert your ordinary website into a fully-functioning online store.

Almost every web development company prefers WordPress because it is one of the best CMSs out there and for a good reason.


  • WordPress is a free and open-source CMS platform.
  • There are thousands of free and paid themes and plugins in the WordPress repository.
  • Because more than 43% of all websites on the internet are powered by this CMS, there are several WordPress development companies and specialists who can help you sort out any issue from installation to web development.
  • Although some plugins and themes are paid and premium, thanks to this CMS being free, WordPress development services are highly affordable.

There are several other reasons for WordPress’s popularity. That’s why businesses tend to prefer WordPress development services for their websites.

WordPress is an open-source platform updated regularly by experts around the world. Almost every update introduces better security features. If the WordPress platform of the website is updated to its latest version, the website will be as secure as possible.

WordPress is the most popular CMS. So it’s natural to think of shifting your website from another CMS to WordPress. Worry not; you can get in touch with WP Plugin Experts and acquire our WordPress development services to migrate your website to WordPress while ensuring better performance and security for your site.

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