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WordPress Website Performance Audit Services

Optimum performance ensures a good user experience, resulting in the retention of existing customers and the ability to gain new ones. You can also rest assured that the traffic draining will stop with this audit. Our WordPress Website Performance Audit covers everything from MySQL Queries to caching methods.

A thorough audit of your website will determine if it is performing well and using every feature and functionality to the best of its ability to guarantee the best UX/UI.

Services Offered In Our WordPress Website Performance Audit

WP Plugin Experts provides a range of excellent WordPress Website Performance Audit to gain users and retain the existing ones.

WordPress Hosting Review

During the website performance audit, we analyze your website and recommend the best-managed WordPress hosting providers. It ensures your website performs better, and you don’t have to worry about website management.

Caching Implementation

Caching is a necessary aspect of any website or application that lets the users see a particular page or content without loading frequently. This audit will help you properly cache your website for better results.

WordPress Theme Optimization

Although themes can help improve the looks and UI, some may be redundant and negatively affect your website speed. So our experts perform a theme optimization in this website performance audit to improve the loading speed.

WordPress Plugin Optimization

Plugins are integral to your website’s features and appearance. But some may be redundant, bringing down your site’s loading speed and performance. So we disable the redundant plugins and update the necessary ones.

Image & Media Optimization

This process of the website performance audit ensures the images and other media are well-optimized and smaller in memory, while maintaining the media quality. It makes sure faster rendering and better load time for the web pages.

Database & Disk Space Fine Tuning

Over time, your database may be filled and wasted due to spam comments, auto-drafts, revisions, transients, etc. If the wp_options grows too big, it may bring the site to a crawl. and so audit is conducted for database optimization.

CSS & JS Optimization

During this audit, our experts analyze and identify the CSS/JS files that can be compressed while ensuring the website functions without a hitch. We basically disable the scripts for the website's smooth functioning.

Offloading Requests

Rather than the media served directly from the server, we connect to the 3rd party hosting providers. It saves time and resources for the website as the assets are fetched from the nearest server rather than a fixed one.

We are a Leading Website Performance Audit Service Provider

We are a Website Performance Audit Service Provider Company with an excellent reputation for building powerful,
high-performing websites.

Benefits of Website Performance Audits

Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience of WordPress, you can benefit from our web development services like performance audits and easily meet the high standards of quality, user experience and continuously-growing business requirements.

Gain Insights Into The Site Performance

Slow page loading speeds, Error 404 messages, and page lags are just a few of the factors that prove to be damaging to your website’s performance. This audit will ensure a better insight into these issues and remove them permanently.

Improve Core Web Vital Scores

These scores show what your users think of their experience on the website. Low scores means weaker page performance, which may result in a negative user experience. However, only a handful percentage of the websites do well in the core vitals tests.

Avert Security Issues

It’s very important to pinpoint your website’s security issues or vulnerabilities and start a comprehensive backup procedure through an extensive website performance audit. This inspection will help you be aware of the security issues like vulnerability to SQL injections, cross-site scripting, malware, etc.

Prevent Traffic Bleeding

Although you may have a constant flow of organic traffic on your website, the sales number may be down, which means the website visitors are clicking off midway. The issues with sales and revenue may be due to poor performance, algorithm changes, lousy UX, etc. This audit may help prevent the traffic draining.

Identify Actionable Improvements

This audit will help you determine the scope of improvements in your website, so you can take appropriate action to ensure better performance, resulting in increased sales and revenue, along with a better user experience and user interface.

Ensure Adherence To Code & Accessibility

We perform a comprehensive performance inspection to ensure the proper functioning of your website. It has to comply with a few accessibility and coding standards and protocols, and reflect reliability, flexibility, and readability.

Reduce Plugin Bloat

Plugins take care of almost every feature and function of your website. But using too many of them can slow down the website. So this performance inspection identifies the unnecessary plugins and removes them.

Resolve Performance Issues

This audit takes a look at the website and then identifies and resolves the issues concerned with weak HTML tags, crude coding, and slow servers to improve the performance effectively. It makes the website more responsive and easy to use.

WP Plugin Experts Approach to Website Performance Audits

At WP Plugin Experts, we follow a well-defined, analytical audit process that goes from inspecting the website and pinpointing the problematic issues to generating a comprehensive report.

  • Consultation
  • Initial Inspection
  • Comprehensive Review
  • Detailed Report


First, there is a consultation where our experts will discuss every issue with you in detail.

During this consultation, we will explain the audit process in detail, and you can clear up any doubts you may have with regard to the process or how it may help your website.

A few of the queries you can clear up are:

  • How do you go about optimizing your website’s performance?
  • How beneficial is this website performance audit?
  • Can we complete this process by ourselves?
  • What kind of changes will we observe after the optimization?

Initial Inspection

In the initial analysis, our experts will run a preliminary check on the front end of the website to diagnose any possible issues that are clear without any additional tools and software.

We will also give you a brief opinion on what we think of your website at first glance. It will also make it clear what kind of approach the audit will follow.

Here are a few things we do in this part of the process:

  • Take a general look at your website, which will help us determine the issues on the surface.
  • Explain to you what kinda time it will take to sort out the problems with your website.
  • Give you an estimated timeline of project delivery.
  • Provide you with a rough cost of this website performance audit.

Comprehensive Review

In the comprehensive review, the first step taken by the audit specialists is to use software to analyze the website to see if it follows the coding standards set by the industry leaders.

Then, a technical expert will conduct a manual inspection to scan through the significant aspects of your website, including the libraries, frameworks, and coding consistency.

Here are the topics we inspect during the comprehensive audit:

  • Perform a broad-spectrum technical inspection.
  • Analyze the themes & plugins.
  • Check the server & CDN.
  • Ensure adherence to standards of coding and accessibility.

Detailed Report

After running a comprehensive and rigorous audit of the website, we will present a detailed report of our findings.

It will help you see what kind of performance your website is delivering, and how you can improve it.

This report will include the following:

  • What are all things we did during the performance audit?
  • What can be done to resolve the issues?
  • The website’s current performance numbers.
  • What its performance numbers will be after you make the changes?
  • How we can help you resolve these issues.

Why Choose WP Plugin Experts For Website Performance Audits?

  • Leading Web Development Company
  • Highly-skilled WordPress Developers
  • Clean & User-Friendly Websites
  • Detailed Performance Reports
  • Affordable Optimization
  • Timely Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

A website performance audit with WP Plugin Experts can help you with a comprehensive overview of the website. Although you may think of conducting your own performance checks, it would be best to consult with the experts as they can help determine the performance issues and suggest the best solutions to resolve them.

Core web vitals are the scores that give you an insight into how a URL is performing on user experience, along with other parameters like interactiveness, visual stability, page load time, etc.


WP Plugin Experts measure these parameters with metrics like First Input Delay (FID), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). In the performance audit, we provide a detailed report on the CWV (core web vitals) along with the other significant aspects of the website.

Although it’s not the only ranking factor, core web vitals can influence the website ranking on the SERPs. If your website heavily depends on the user experience and you want it to rank well on Google and other search engines, good CWV scores will be better.

Code review, as the name suggests, is a process in which the code is thoroughly reviewed for any arrows or bugs that may cause an issue later. WP Plugin Experts perform a comprehensive code review during the performance audit while complying with the industry standards and practices.

Your website’s structure, performance, flow and every other significant aspect are primarily defined by the code. So any bugs or errors in the code may cause issues that may result in a bad user experience and sub-par performance. So with the performance audit, WP Plugin Experts give you a chance to have your code reviewed by highly-skilled and experienced programmers, who can help identify the errors and bugs and suggest the necessary implementations to resolve them.

While making changes to the website during business upscaling, you may forget or miss some of the technical elements of the process. Although they may not seem so impactful initially, these missed factors may be detrimental to your website in the long run. So to ensure your website performs well, a performance audit will help you immensely.

This audit will help your website run smoothly no matter how much you evolve it with your growing business. This performance audit is a prevention against any issues that may surface later on your website.

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